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The Harmonious Hustle: Juggling Parenting, 
     Health, Work & Adventures


Hello, lovely souls! I'm a cocktail of life's vibrant flavors, stirring a whirl of chaos, love, ambition, and the sweet, sweet aroma of home-baked healthy goodies. Welcome to "The Harmonious Hustle" where I share tips and experiences while juggling my life as a mom, entrepreneur, spouse, and so much more.

At 33, with seven incredible kids (2 homegrown, 1 heart-grown, and 4 bonus) ranging from 8 to 16, my house is a constant symphony of laughter, debates, "mooom, where's my...?", and the occasional tears. Trust me when I say that my heart is as full as my laundry basket. (And that's saying something!)

I've walked the well-trodden path of college and corporate ladders only to realize that my true passion lay beyond the boundaries of an office. I've kissed conference rooms goodbye and dived headfirst into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. From construction and photography to logistics, accounting and even a little consulting – you could say I've worn more hats than a star-studded cast in a Broadway musical!

Traveling feeds my soul, my kids' sports keep me energized, and books are my secret after-dark delight. If you, too, crave wanderlust, thrive on sideline cheers, or snatch stolen moments with a captivating book during carpool waits, you've found your tribe here. Together, let's infuse adventure into the everyday.

This blog is a glimpse into my gloriously messy, beautifully chaotic life. It's for every woman navigating the labyrinth of motherhood, working moms, and self-discovery. Join me on this journey as we find harmony amidst the hustle.

Stay tuned, stay sparkly, and embrace the beautiful whirl of life!

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